March 2019 Newsletter

Hello! The 2019 season is upon us! Welcome to the new attempt at some sort of newsletter!

A special welcome to the new owners:

  • Avery - Vengeful Tuna
  • Biggs - Springfield Isotopes
  • Blake - The Royal Rooters
  • Brandon K - Boston Narb Sluggers
  • Jane - Havana Pigs
  • Scott - Big League Chu


This month we have...

Power Rankings

Matchups To Watch

and a special look into each team's 2018 win total vs the age of their team:

Wins Vs Age

Also, if you have yet to see them, Darren of Preston Perennials gets a huge shoutout for the owner interviews he's been doing. You can check it out in the ownersinterviews channel on the Slack, or I think I can link them here and have them only be viewable if you're logged into Slack:

Interview with Austin/Commish - The Gamblers

Interview with Dan - Team Riptide

Final note:

If you have any desire to make silly posts like these or have any cool ideas, just let me know. Also, if you happen to have some coding skills, feel free to help me out or create whatever you want on this little website. The open source repo is here.

That's it for now! Thanks for checking this out! Take the discussion to the Slack!