May 2019 Newsletter

Welcome to the summer!

UDL Player of the Month - Rafael Devers - Preston Perennials

devers The UDL player of the month will be awarded to someone that has exceeded expectation, surprised, and belongs to a UDL team with a unique logo 😁. This player will then be subject to my subpar photoshop skills. If you want help with a logo, ask me or whoever it was that had the generator thing.

This month brings more goodies:

Power Rankings by Austin B (The Gamblers)

What Happened?!?! by Brandon H (Maine Cobra Kai)

Strength of Schedule by Darren (Preston Perennials)

Matchups To Watch

League Leaders

Far Out Playoff Picture

Vegemite With Vandenberg ft. Mario - Hone Ron Runners and Austin - The Gamblers

Let's keep this party rollin'!